No place like home

I am a true believer in the phrase ‘a blessing in disguise’. My passport was nearing expiry and I had to make a quick trip to Sri Lanka to get it renewed (the express service is only available in Sri Lanka). While complaining to my husband about the dreaded visit to Colombo (when in Sri Lanka I … Continue reading No place like home


To blog or not to blog?

I recently read a blog post on titled ‘When food blogs stopped being food blogs’ (My Custard Pie thanks for sharing the link on Fooderati!). The author laments the fact that modern day food blogs are looking ‘more and more like food magazines’, the likes of Martha Stewart Living and that the good old days of casual food … Continue reading To blog or not to blog?

The Hongs of Phuket and Tom Yum Goong from scratch – Gin Khao!

Gin Khao is Bon Appétit in Thai, although Google says otherwise – it means “eat rice” or “eat food”. If it does mean the latter, pardon my ignorance. I'm starting off my themed posts with a taste of the orient. I chose Thai food for two reasons: one of my most memorable holidays was spent in … Continue reading The Hongs of Phuket and Tom Yum Goong from scratch – Gin Khao!

It’s a new year – once again!

There’s something very refreshing about a new year – you feel a sense of accomplishment and hope as you look forward to new beginnings and fresh possibilities. It’s like climbing a mountain – you eagerly scramble to the top and peep over the edge of December, curiously staring beyond at January wondering what the next … Continue reading It’s a new year – once again!